Hanging Wall Platter


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This beautiful piece is a hand built Hanging Wall Platter in our Prairie Fire color combination.  It starts off as a rolled slab of stoneware clay, almost like a pie crust.  Then Tama works its edges and folds to give it a distinctive, organic look.  On the back are three hand built feet. To one of them is attached a copper hanging wire (this wire can be attached to any foot). Look closely and you can still her finger impressions in the fired clay.  At 20 inches wide this is one of our larger platters.  Its vivid reds are sharply defined against the surrounding dry yellows and glossy burnt orange.  It is signed and dated.  The 95-15 inscription designates it as one of our 20th anniversary pieces (1995 to 2015).

Dimensions: 20.0 x 2.0 inches