Mug 30 oz.

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Hover over for Zoom View.  If you love a BIG mug or know someone who does, turn your attention here.  This is a gorgeous 30-ounce, wheel-thrown mug in our Prairie Fire Night color combination.  Take a moment more to mouse over the image in Zoom View.  See how the toasted orange rains down over the red mug body.  Colors like these can only be achieved by firing the kiln to 2400°.  This is Prairie Fire Pottery at its best.   At the top of the handle is a thumb rest.  On the bottom is Tama's inscribed signature and our 25th Anniversary date (1995-2020).   It is handmade, lead-free, microwavable, and food and dishwasher-safe.  I give it our very highest recommendation.

Height:  6.5 Inches  Diameter: 3.5 Inches