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17" Hanging Wall Platter

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Hover Over for Zoom View.  There's only one way to produce colors this rich and vivid... and that's by firing a gas kiln to 2400° while maintaining a very delicate and elusive reduction atmosphere for upwards of eight hours.  Not many potters can do that.  But this is exactly what makes this piece so beautiful.  This Hanging Wall Platter is hand crafted in stoneware clay.  On the bottom it has three clay feet with felt pads.  So it can set softly on any tabletop.  It also has a copper wire securely looped through one of the feet for hanging on the wall.  If you want an eye-popping art piece for your room decor, you'll want to have a good look at this.  There's only one.  And it comes with my highest recommendation.

Length:  17 Inches.  Width:  14 Inches.